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Passenger kicked out of an overbooked United Airlines flight

United Airlines

A passenger aboard a United Airlines was forced out of a plane at the Chicago O’Hare airport after the flight crew realized that there were too many tickets sold and that none of the passengers are willing to abandon the flight on their own.

United Airlines, a leading US airline headquartered in Chicago,Michigan, sold too many tickets on one of its flights, leading to an argument between the flight crew and the passengers. At first, the flight crew if there are any volunteers who would be willing to leave the plane and wait for a second flight. But none of the passengers volunteered.

The flight crew then decided to randomly pick several passengers and force them out of the plane. They called the airport police and started physically removing passengers. One Asian man resisted and he was literally dragged of the plane by police officers.

United Airlines

The man, reportedly a doctor, banged his head on an armrest during the incident

The entire incident was caught on camera and published on the Internet, sparking an avalanche of negative comments and criticisms against United Airlines and the airport police. What enraged people the most was the fact that all of the passengers were kicked out of the plane in order to make room for United Airlines personnel, who flew in to Chicago and were headed to Louisville, Kentucky.

One of the witnesses reported : “as a compensation for their troubles, the crew in command offered passengers a paid overstay in a hotel, financial compensation and a ticket for a next-day flight. After a failed first attempt, the crew raised the value of the compensation from $400 to $800. But again, no one was interested. So they decided to force people out by letting a computer randomly pick passengers who will be forced out. Then things got really nasty”.

Some of the passengers threatened that they will report the incident to United Airlines and even press charges. But that didn’t stop the flight crew nor the police from proceeding with the plan. A few passengers left the plane by themselves, but one middle-aged Asian man refused to do it. The police then grabbed him and pulled him off his seat and dragged him down the hallway. During the incident, the man screamed the whole time and once thrown out of his seat, he reportedly hit his head on an armrest.

The man is said to be a doctor who was going to a scheduled meeting in Louisville. “He told the police and the flight crew that he needs to get to a Louisville hospital on time in order to attend to his patients”, one of the witnesses reported.

Some sources claim that he was allowed to get back on the plane, after a two-hour delay. Meanwhile, the UA crew did indeed board the plane, but they were insulted by passengers, and told they should be ashamed of themselves. “They just sat down quietly, it was super tense on the plane. Everyone was really unhappy after seeing this man pulled off”, passenger Tyler Bridges said in an interview for CNN.

United Airlines responded to the criticism by apologizing to its passengers and saying that they “will investigate the incident and reach out to the man who was kicked out in order to determine what really happened and prevent further incidents”.

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